-Attending the University of Michigan, studying Information Analysis and User Experience Design 
-Designing Blind, an anonymous messaging application to facilitate great conversations between strangers
- Co-directing Shift Creator Space, a live-in maker space and playground for builders
- Leading Design Committee at Kappa Theta Pi, covering topics on ethical design, web accessibility, brand style guides, and more
-Collaborating at Center for Academic Innovation, facilitating Data Science Ethics, Digital Security, and User Experience courses
- Listening to tunes by Omar Apollo and drinking too many servings of bubble tea

- Researched under Professor Sun Young Park, researching the experiences between pediatric cancer patients and their caregivers (CHI 2020
- Contributed to OrbitOnline Resource for Building Innovative Teams, to develop conceptual models and information architecture frameworks
- Created COVID-19 Open Community Forum, connecting recovered and recovering COVID-19 patients. Featured on Boston Globe 
-Co-founded Viva-Flow, a filtration system to convert saltwater into clean, drinking water. Featured on Detroit Free PressWater Environment Federation, GeekWire, and Distruptrs
-Had my collage featured  in Blue Mesa Review (page 44-45)
- Interned at Benzinga, where I first experienced the excitement, dedication, and perseverance within start-up culture 
-A competitive figure skater for over 12 years  ⛸ 
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