Venmo is a free mobile payment application that makes sending and receiving money possible in just a few seconds. As a college student, Venmo is one of my favorite applications to use to send, receive, and split payments when going out or for paying rent. Although Venmo is easy and efficient to use, the application is not as adaptable to complex 'split the bill' situations as it can be. I decided to take an opportunity to ponder redesign opportunities. 
Research Goal 
Understand Venmo user’s interaction and purpose of use with the platform and identify pain-points encountered.

Survey #1: How Do You Use Venmo?
To execute my identified research goal, I conducted a survey that was taken by over 20 Venmo users, mostly highschool and college students. The purpose was to understand the user’s interactions with Venmo and the issues they encounter.
I created an affinity diagram to outline common pain points Venmo users faced. I chose to focus on the issue: “Splitting costs can be tedious”, due to the number of responses touching upon the pain-point and the room of creativity it allowed for. 

Affinity map

Survey #2: How Do You Split the Bill?
I created a second survey to understand how people split the bill between multiple people.
Insights: Students…
1. Dislike having to charge people individually for splits, may request too much or too little
2. Dislike doing the math, sending the requests, then following up with people who didn’t accept the request
3. Dislike having to factor in the tip if applicable 
The results showed that 91% of respondents use Venmo's platform to split the bill. ​​​​​​​
Venmo: Current Payment and Request Flow Chart 
Venmo's current flow of paying or requesting a price amount leaves little room for personalization and customization of different prices for different individuals. Venmo's infrastructure makes it difficult for users to split the bill between multiple people and does not consider factoring tips in edge case scenarios 
Final Problem Statement
Venmo users want a feature to split the bill evenly so they can share items and pay back others the correct amount spent.
User Goals
The goal is to split some amount of money between multiple people...
1.  Accurately: No one is paying more or less 
2. Effortlessly: Number of items being split doesn't influence the time it takes to request money​​​​​​​
3. Immediately: Mental calculations are unnecessary 



Design Goals
1. The feature has both even and uneven split capabilities with the tip factored in. 
2. User does not need to do further calculations. The process of splitting a bill works as effectively with two people versus twelve people, and two items versus twelve items.
3. The process meets the visual, motor, and cognitive loads of the user while integrated with Venmo’s current interface.
The manual option allows the user to assign the same dollar amount to each recipient at the top or individually assign different dollar amounts to each participant. Adding tip is available to be distributed evenly. 
Add Item Feature 
The add item feature allows for a specific item to be assigned to one or more recipients. 
Receipt Integration 
The receipt integration, the user must click the camera icon to take a picture of a receipt. Then, the user can assign different recipients to each item from the receipt.
High Fidelity Final Screens
Manual Split
Split the bill- manually. Add selected recipients and enter amount requested by each. Amounts can be changed with a quick tap
Add Item Feature 
Unlimited items. Add specific items to be assigned to one or more recipients and easily customize the price for each user to pay to ensure accuracy 
Receipt Integration
Select the camera icon to take a snapshot of your receipt. Items will translate onto the app and users can assign recipients to each item.   
Users can split a bill correctly with each person is paying a fair amount, no more and no less. The split can be divided unevenly: each person may pay different amount than another, or divided evenly: each person pays the same amount. Lastly, the number of steps to reach this goal is limited and simple to understand.

What I learned
- Designing within constraints 
- Following the UI format of the pre-existing application
- Having a sign of affirmation
- Keeping the problem statement and design goals in mind
- Knowing that it is completely OK to design, scrap, re-design, scrap, and do it all over again

Next Steps
- Usability testing to gain feedback and insights to improve UX design
- Consult with engineers to create a feasibility matrix for developing the feature design on Venmo
- Conduct more user interviews to further understand Venmo user’s pain-points 

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